Sylwia Krawczyńska

Chief Operating Officer

Sylwia joined the team of QED Software in 2019 and serves as Chief Operating Officer. She has a master’s degree in mathematics (MIM UW) and a doctorate in management (SAN, Łódź). She also completed postgraduate studies in crisis management, strategic management, Moderator Business Trainers School and A One-year Management Development Program Management 2017TM at ICAN Institute. Since 2002, she has been associated with the academic community. She was, among others, head of the Center for Online Education at SGSP, deputy director for research and development at Scientific and Research Center of Fire Protection (CNBOP-PIB, 2014-18). She works as an assistant professor at the Main School of Fire Service (since 2002). She has worked as a researcher and R&D manager or managing manager in 13 research and development projects, and has 22 publications in her portfolio. She focuses mainly on management issues, including human resources management and mathematical modeling, in particular in the field of fire safety. Since 2005, she has also been involved in business, mainly in the area of IT, recycling and fire protection, holding managerial positions. She is additionally interested in psychology and cultural anthropology.