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 Want to lead the pack and get ahead of competitors?

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BlueQuail: AI data platform for business

BlueQuail is an advanced AI service, yet it is easy to use. It provides advice, possible scenarios, and examples to guide decision-making and can be tailored to specific business situations.

BlueQuail takes care of technical details, handling large amounts of data from different sources and converting business goals into AI tasks.
If needed, it sets up tasks for specialists to review and label the data, a process known as data annotation.

Beyond the initial setup, BlueQuail ensures smooth operation and offers monitoring tools for ongoing oversight. With BlueQuail, businesses can track the performance of their AI model to ensure it’s benefiting the business.


Advanced,  yet easy to use – AI service

Tailored decision-making advice, 60+ use cases and AI templates for fast start

Data processing and translation of business goals into AI tasks

Data annotation tasks for specialists

Smooth operations and real-time monitoring tools

Tracking effectiveness of AI in business contexts

BlueQuail makes it easy for everyone!

And it works in 3 steps.

Describe your business challenge and ask BlueQuail for advice.
Review the recommended AI use cases provided by BlueQuail. Each use case is described in terms of benefits for the business, as well as key technical aspects that business owners should consider.
Now you decide:
a. take the steering wheel and clone the selected real-life example on BlueQuail platform, fuel with your data and click run OR
b. talk to our solution architect to help do the setup for you.
Something interesting 
on the list below?
Fraud Detection
coming soon…
Smart Home Automation
Data Governance
Automated Document Classification
Chat Analysis
Virtual Reality Training
Energy Efficiency
Churn Prediction
Recommendation Systems
Smart City Management
Supply Chain Optimization
Intelligent Advertisement Placement
Human Pose Estimation
Marketing Campaign Optimization
Automated Coach
Sales Forecasting
Text Summarization
Health Monitoring Wearables
Automated Cameraman
Customer Segmentation
Smart Waste Management
Quality Control
Predictive Maintenance
Inventory Management
Smart Asset Tracking
Smart Grid Optimization
Automated Car Tracking
Medical Image Analysis
Cancer Diagnosis
Personalized Medicine
Smart Retail Analytics
Event Prediction
Voice Biometrics
Voice Biometrics
Energy Grid Management
Facial Recognition
Emotion Recognition
Medical Research
Predictive Maintenance for Fleet Management
Automated Melody Identification
Automated Speech Transcription
Smart Traffic Management
Smart Retail Checkout
Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing
Intelligent Document Generation
Human Resources Automation
Automated Customer Support
Image Recognition
Smart Surveillance
Social Media Analysis
Dynamic Pricing
Explainable AI
Inventory Demand Forecasting
Asset Maintenance Optimization
Smart Home Security
Video Analytics
Facial Expression Synthesis
Speech Recognition
Chatbot Virtual Sales Assistant
Data Annotation
Language Translation
Smart Agriculture
Personalized Learning
Threat Detection
Financial Risk Assessment
Sentiment Analysis
Autonomous Vehicles

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