Share your passion and help us shape the future together.
Share your passion and help us shape the future together.

Working at QED Software

It takes a whole team to create AI for pioneers. We work, laugh and develop together.

Working at QED Software means working with the best Mathematicians, Data Scientists, Engineers and business people who are constantly raising the bar and striving for excellence. It also means working with people who genuinely love their job. And you will definitely notice it.

What is very important to us
is connecting science with market needs.

Our solutions derive from extensive research and have vast applicability. This also means we encourage self-growth responding with flexibility for employees.

Our one-word mantra is 

Seems like we are a fit?

Don’t hesitate and apply!

Investing in your growth

At QED Software 10% of your time is devoted to your own progress. It means in every sprint you get one day to work on your own project, participate in courses etc. Your professional development should be a part of your job.

Flexible working hours

Respect for your time is important to us. If you need to start working later, take a break in the middle of the day or just work in the evenings, feel free. We trust you to finish projects in time and communicate your needs.

Hybrid or remote work

You can work from anywhere within Poland. And if you want to attend meetings in person or just have a non-virtual coffee with your colleagues, you’re welcome to work from our office in Warsaw or Cracow.

Combining academia and business

Do you find yourself struggling to decide whether you want to focus on academia or business? It is important to us to masterfully combine both.
Our projects are an effect of various research activities, and we encourage our employees to follow their interests, doing research, PhDs and so on.

Diversity makes us stronger

Your uniqueness is our strength. We believe that our greatest strength and
potential comes from diversity of styles of thinking, life experiences and unique talents merged into a team

No dress code

Whatever makes you comfortable is fine with us. Dress up if you want to, or come to the office wearing your favorite hoodie.

Office access 24/7

For those who prefer working from a dedicated space our Warsaw office is always available.

Team oriented

Flat company structure allows for close cooperation and making quick decisions. It also makes getting to know each other easier.

Open positions

Find an offer that fits you

13 000 – 20 000 PLN Net
B2B; full-time; hybrid

Don't see a position for yourself?

Let us know anyway. Soon we may be looking for someone with your skills set.

Recruitment process

What to expect when applying


within 2 weeks from your email we will respond to your application

Online interview

we invite selected candidates for an online interview


for some recruitments we ask candidates to solve IT task

Face-to-face interview

we invite you for a second interview to our Warsaw or Krakow office


we contact our future employees via phone or email


we give feedback about applications


we make sure you will feel welcome from the first day


Hear from our team members who have been working at QED Software for a while. Discover their stories.

MaciejScience & Innovation team
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As long as I live and breathe, I would like to pursue scientific topics that interest me. Here the support is great. If I were to act alone or with a team of my own, I wouldn’t be able to develop an application and check its commercial hooking.
MateuszR&D BigData team
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I like the approach to science. We are looking for solutions to specific problems, we do research and create publications. Even though the scientific process is at the root, it's developed in passing.
JanR&D XAI team
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There are many companies which conduct research, but they are rather of a secondary nature. At QED Software the connection with MIM UW (Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw) is purely human - our people are both here and here. I enjoy the possibility of flexible work I can combine with doing my doctorate.
AntoniR&D Active Mining Team
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I used to work in a corporation where the atmosphere was stiff; the team was fun, but still the procedures made the atmosphere heavier. QED Software stands in contrast to corporations. It’s personal and pleasant here. The hierarchy is soft, everyone is available and helpful. What is great it’s that there is always someone to learn from - I cannot overestimate this.
PawełR&D Active Mining Team
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I came here directly from the university, took part in a NCBiR project and stayed. People here are an asset. I am challenged here all the time. It is one project but I am constantly learning. There is no moment of peace, in a good meaning!
PawełR&D XAI team
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I want to work with people who combine scientific and commercial work and it happens here. There is no meeting without people who do not have a doctorate at least. The company's relationship with the University of Warsaw is very valuable. I'm a PhD student myself, so everything complements perfectly.