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We use artificial intelligence to solve real-world business challenges. For us, AI is a tool that can make work simpler, smarter, and more efficient. We focus on understanding our clients’ needs and delivering AI solutions that just work. We create technology solutions to help companies achieve AI business maturity at every stage of development.

AI Consulting

From AI Strategy Development through Innovation Funding Assistance, Project Support and Maintenance, Research and Innovation to Due Diligence services – QED Software combined expertise spans both the technical and strategic aspects of AI.

AI Solutions

In the data-centered world, solutions that can truly make a difference by leveraging the available data to the maximum at the lowest cost possible are especially valuable. View our turn key solutions applicable for diverse sectors: healthcare, finance, transportation, manufacturing, e-commerce, cybersecurity, media, and more.

BlueQuail Platform

This is a place where you solve your business problems with AI. Our simple, intuitive interface allows you to get to the solution in just 3 steps. You don’t need to be an AI specialist/engineer, you don’t need to know ML, the platform is made for everyone.

Not sure where 
to start? 

Verify your business maturity with respect to AI and choose the most appropriate offer for your business.

1. AI Naive
Little to no awareness of AI’s potential. No AI-specific capabilities or resources.
The business operates traditionally without leveraging AI.
2. AI Aware
Some awareness of AI’s potential benefits.
Limited in-house AI expertise.
Reliance on external vendors for AI tools or solutions.
Initial exploration of AI possibilities, mostly through external consultations or adopting off-the-shelf solutions.
3. AI Experimental
Investments in AI pilots or proof-of-concepts (PoC).
Hiring or training for specific AI roles (like data scientists).
Limited AI-driven decision-making.
Some AI-driven projects or initiatives but not yet consistently delivering value.
4. AI Functional
AI projects are systematically delivering value.
Increased budget allocation for AI.
More robust in-house AI capabilities.
AI begins to influence strategic decisions.
Regular deployment of AI solutions in specific functional areas, such as marketing, finance, or operations.
5. AI Integrated
AI is embedded in multiple functions and processes.
AI-driven strategy in at least one major area of the business.
Ongoing commitment to AI research and development.
AI consistently drives value across various facets of the business, leading to noticeable improvements in performance.
6. AI Driven
AI is central to the company’s strategy and operations.
Continuous innovation using AI.
Comprehensive in-house AI capabilities and infrastructure.
Ethical AI considerations and governance structures are in place.
The business is reimagined around AI, leading to new business models, products, or services.

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