Andżelika Zalewska-Küpçü

BlueQuail Team Leader

Andzelika Zalewska-Kupcu, team leader of the BlueQuail group at QED Software, stands out for her empathy and relationship-building skills. She gained recognition as the head of R&D, developing an innovative library for the BrightBox project in the field of eXplainable AI (XAI), which led to the publication “BrightBox — A rough set based technology for diagnosing mistakes of machine learning models” that has received international acclaim.
As a team leader, Andżelika focuses on developing her team, promoting flexibility and continuous learning, and maintaining good communication and a positive work atmosphere. Her creative approach translates into effective product creation and implementation. She is also active on the international stage, representing the company at various symposiums and conferences.
Andżelika has a wide range of interests, spanning from technology, cooking, and travel to politics and fashion.