Alina Powała

Chief Product Officer

Alina Powała joined QED Software in 2020 with the goal of helping in the transition into an AI products company. She is responsible for the company products portfolio as well as establishing cross-company processes that support effective introduction of the products to the market.

Alina is an entrepreneur with an academic background (Ph.D. in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence), combining the best of the two worlds to support business partners and enable analytic teams. She represents deep awareness and understanding of commercial, scientific and technological processes and solutions. She has helped companies across various industries leverage growing AI capabilities in order to bring competitive advantage. A scientist, highly trained in research, quantitative methods and computer science.

Alina cultivates a culture of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and focused teamwork. She has built teams and worked in international groups, including fully remote. Alina has a proven experience in conceiving, designing and delivering innovative commercial AI solutions (products and tools) in the following domains: Talent Analytics, Recommender Systems, Contact Strategies Optimization, Churn Prevention, Customer Retention and others. She designed far-reaching organization analytics development roadmaps for international clients. She also has a strong background and hands-on experience in implementing analytics for columnar data warehouses such as Netezza.

Alina authored and co-authored 10+ publications in top scientific journals such as Neurocomputing, Web Intelligence, Fundamenta Informaticae as well as leading conference papers such as IJCAI, PRIMA and WI-IAT. She received a special prize for outstanding theoretical dissertation on Artificial Intelligence in 2016.

Privately, Alina enjoys life, but particularly travelling, hiking, cycling, reading, running, learning, cooking