Project title:
[EN] A stand-alone modular tool for equipping video games with multi-purpose & high-performance artificial intelligence
[PL] Opracowanie zewnętrznego modułowego narzędzia do implementacji i optymalizacji zaawansowanej
sztucznej inteligencji szerokiego zastosowania w grach wideo.

Application number: POIR.01.02.00-00-0150/16
Project duration: 2017-02-01 – 2020-01-31
Project realised as a part of: Działania 1.1 Poddziałania 1.1.1 Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020 współfinansowanego ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego
Donation: 4 155 095,65 zł
Value of the project: 5571400,00 zł
Beneficiary: Silver Bullet Labs Sp. z o.o.

Project purpose: The project concerns creating a component-based engine for embedding advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in games. The main usage of the AI will be to equip actors or group of actors (often also referred to as characters) with realistic sophisticated behavior. The actors will be able to efficiently drive towards their individually set goals (e.g. trying to beat the human opponent in a war-fare game) as well as adapt to the human player’s way of playing. Our objective is to provide tools which will allow game designers to express their artistic aims without requiring them to be closely familiar with the AI field. It must be emphasized that despite the fact that the project aims at the creation of computer characters which play more effectively than is achievable with existing methods, the benefits of such characters – which, moreover, can be parameterized – are numerous. At the present stage of development of the industry it is important to engage a player for a longer time, which can be done by confronting a human player with a character with a more realistic playing style or with one adapting in time to the next levels of a human player’s skill. The expected results of the project will address problems and deficits of the products currently offered on the video games market. The problems result from the very rapid development of technology and the growing expectations of customers. Therefore, our target user group are game developers. We will use various channels to reach them and each channel will be based on a certain result achieved in the project.