Cybersecurity with LITL: Unsupervised learning on unlabeled data? Why bother?

Data is not the problem, yet when you want to make use of it, labels prove to be one. How can AI help? Does implementing active learning can support cybersecurity operations? What does LITL stand for? Data, in principle, is not the problem. In the era of widespread digitization, we collect vast amounts of data […]

2021 FedCSIS Conference Series Summary

The 16th Conference on Computer Science and Intelligence Systems, FedCSIS 2021 has just ended. Our QED Software Team had an opportunity to present their achievements in several moments. This year the span of topics presented was especially wide – from classic machine learning, through deep learning, biblical text analysis, to medicine and games. There were […]

Can AI be easy as ABC?

Do you remember the infamous question “so what do your parents do at work?”If someone were to ask your children what their parents do at work, do you know what their answer will be? The area of artificial intelligence is generally difficult to define for someone who is not “in the industry”. What exactly is […]

How the AI in Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift handled teleportation mechanic

Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift is a top-down, turn-based game that mixes tactical skills and the excitement of 80’s sci-fi movies. Created by QED Games Team of QED Software, it features many mechanics posing a great challenge for AI controlled characters, such as gridless movement and the topic of this article – teleportation. Link to Steam. […]

Solving real-life problems using ML

In the past semester, QED Software engaged in educational cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology. Students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, led by Michał Okulewicz and Marcin Luckner, had the opportunity to test their engineering and business skills in solving real-life problems that required Machine Learning solutions. Mentors from QED Software took […]

2020 overview by QED Software Team

The past year was unusual for many reasons. What are the most innovative achievements in the area of AI, ML and Big Data of 2020? What will 2021 bring? These questions are answered by QED Software specialists: Piotr Biczyk, Daniel Kałuża, Alina Powała and Maciej Świechowski. Achievements in 2020 in the area of machine learning […]


Knowledge Pit (2013) is the only platform for organizing competitions in the field of data science in Poland. Nowadays, it has nearly 2000 registered participants from all over the world, and one of the most popular challenges had over 150 entries. The project was initiated by Andrzej Janusz and Dominik Ślęzak, who decided to create […]

Two winters and a spring of artificial intelligence

The current fascination with artificial intelligence is not something new. During the 60 years that have elapsed since the creation of the first machine to recreate the human thinking process, there have been periods of growth and decline in enthusiasm for this technology. The two “AI winters” that have happened since then proved to be […]