Technology that automates the recording of classical music

Story is a company focused on revolutionising the streaming and recording of classical music concerts. The aim is to bring audiences closer to the music by enabling music venues to produce high-quality streams at an affordable price.

To emulate the excitement of a physical concert in a high-quality stream, personalised video content is key. Traditionally, this requires a director and multiple camera operators, leading to high costs and low production efficiency.


The project aimed to automate video selection based on music, increasing affordability and efficiency A technology responsible for real-time identification of each musical moment performed was needed

Solution using QED Software technology has integrated artificial intelligence algorithms to act as an experienced producer and camera operator.

The artificial intelligence system automatically selects video content (such as focusing on the conductor, soloist or on a conductor, soloist or specific instrument in the orchestra) based on what is happening in the music. This creates a dynamic and immersive experience for the audience when watching a live stream at home or on the move.

At the same time, the cost of producing such a stream has been drastically reduced.

OnstageAI technology can reduce concert production costs by up to 60%, based on industry data

OnstageAI’s subscription model allows for an unlimited number of recordings, significantly reducing annual costs.

The AI technology used is revolutionizing classic concert productions, improving quality while significantly reducing costs.


Innovative algorithms for automatic score tracking, machine learning on audio tracks, automatic image recognition, camera tracking and motion control.