Backend Python Engineer

13 000 – 20 000 PLN Net
B2B; full-time; hybrid

What you’ll do

You will be a key figure in our Engineering Department, responsible for operationalizing innovative methods and solutions derived from the research and development conducted within our company. You will be working on the scalable machine learning platform called BlueQuail ( with embedded leading solutions in the fields of: data labeling, machine learning models development and diagnostics. You will be responsible for:

  • the backend side of the platform: communication with specialized scalable computing API, data storage and serialization, REST API design, and/or
  • data transformation pipelines implementation, the computing API of the system.


The Engineering Department is dedicated to delivering commercial-quality solutions as the final product. While focusing on delivering these solutions, we remain committed to periodically revisiting research activities to ensure a continual synergy between our engineering efforts and ongoing research endeavors. We work both on big in-house projects as well as cooperate with partners in specific implementations.

What you need to know

  • Experience in software development in line with the SOLID principles
  • Advanced Python and its open-source machine learning libraries (torch, numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, scipy and other)
  • Ability to develop tests in Python with common libraries like pytest or unittest
  • You must be proficient in at least one of the following areas:
    • containerization: Kubernetes, Kubeflow pipelines, Docker Images
    • backend:
      • SQL, relational database design principles
      • SQLAlchemy or Django ORM
      • Django/Flask/FastAPI (in case of no Django proficiency readiness to learn Django)
      • Django REST Framework
      • database requests profiling and optimization
  • Effectively communicating complex ideas to both technical and non-technical people
  • Linux
  • Bash or other script language
  • Git

Nice to have

  • Machine learning work experience
  • Ability to communicate concepts in data using visualizations
  • DevOps for cluster management, Ansible, Terraform, Kubespray
  • Relational db, PSQL
  • Seldon or other model serving framework
  • JSON schema validation
  • Ability to communicate concepts in data using visualizations
  • Trino or Presto


  • At least 3 years hands-on work experience in areas enumerated in the requirements
  • Ability and willingness to perform regular code reviews
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent or higher) in a Science or Engineering program
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux and containers
  • Experience with the implementation, architecture and operation of an on-premises containerized environment
  • CI/CD Development Environments/Tools: Git, GitLab/GitHub
  • Demonstrable experience in setting and meeting project goals when implementing and integrating complex technology concepts
  • Understanding of machine learning (both in theory and in practice)
  • Proficiency in Polish and English language at a communicative level

What your tasks will be

  • As a developer, your multifaceted responsibilities expand far beyond coding, e.g.:
    • brainstorming the right technological solutions to complex problems,
    • taking charge of the team, coordinating its workflow to consistently produce business value.
  • Your coding responsibilities will revolve around:
    • containerization:
      • implementation of dynamically created Kubeflow pipelines system;
      • implementation of production ready pipelines in cooperation with research teams;
      • Docker Images creation, CI and automatic pipelines testing;
      • performance optimization.
    • and/or platform backend:
      • implementation of generic data access and storage system based on Trino;
      • Design of serializers, database model and REST API for Machine Learning platform;
      • CRUD API implementation;
      • API CI and automatic tests implementation.
  • Development and maintenance of research libraries
  • Conducting business-driven research by experimenting with our solutions and performing the literature review
  • Summarizing completed tasks in a suitable form (report or documentation)
  • Code review and supporting colleagues in their daily work
  • Active participation and contribution to team meetings
  • Collaboration with third-party partners on specific implementations

What people we’d like to work with

  • with people who are open;
  • with people who are passionate about new technologies;
  • with people who enjoy teamwork.

Feeling convinced? Apply!

Your benefits

Hybrid work - one or two office days a week (location near Rondo Daszyńskiego and Warszawa Ochota train station)

Market-based salary adjusted to your skills

50% tax relief due to creative type of work

Flexible working hours

Internal trainings

10% time for self-development

Good location in the city of Warsaw (Wola), next to Zawiszy Square

Feeling convinced? Apply!