What is Object Recognition? Everything You Need to Know About Object Recognition

Imagine someone shows you an animal you’ve never seen before in your life. If you take a good look at it, you’ll surely recognize it the next time you see it. Simple, right? Not for computers. Artificial intelligence experts have been teaching computers to recognize objects for years. And while they’re getting better at it, […]

AI for Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly significant role in business, not only for major corporations but also for smaller companies that are eager to leverage machine learning-based tools. Let’s explore how AI can be used in business and why it’s worth doing so. What Can AI Be Used for in Business? AI primarily aims […]

What Is Artificial Intelligence? A Brief Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Did Netflix recommend an outstanding series for you to watch? Did Google Maps find you a route that helped you avoid a two-hour traffic jam at the last minute? Does your phone automatically unlock using biometrics? All of this is thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s take a closer look at what AI is and […]

What Is Big Data? A Brief Guide to Processing Large Data Sets

Never before in history have we had access to as much data as we do today. These data represent a vast knowledge base that proves invaluable when making business decisions, provided, of course, that the owner of the data knows how to use them. This is where Big Data technology comes into play, allowing for […]

What Is AI in the Video Game Industry? A Brief Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Games.

The video game industry has been providing entertainment to millions of players worldwide for years, and it wouldn’t be possible without the development of artificial intelligence (AI). From intelligent computer-controlled characters to realistic visual effects and game world generation, AI has an increasingly significant impact on the direction in which video games are evolving. Let’s […]