Technological partnership

At QED Software we have a long record of supporting pioneers in their quest for establishing or growing business based on Artificial Intelligence.

Recognizing business potential and scouting innovative ideas that with our help and expertise can be turned into profitable businesses is a part of our mission.

Want to partner with us?

We have a proven track record of partnering with pioneers in their fields to generate value for their market.

Are we a fit for technological partnership

Do you have a revolutionary idea and know your industry?

Are you skilled in networking?

Do you have experience in your niche?

Do you already have your own business team but are looking to grow a tech team?

What to expect from working with us?

Learn what we can do together step by step.

We analyze your needs
We conduct a preliminary analytical and architectural analysis of the solution
We prepare the first visualization of the solution based on our technology portfolio
Together we specify the architecture
We prepare a comprehensive offer for you
We start cooperation and meet targeted milestones

Why partner with us?

You get a fast start with a feasibility study pr proof of concept

You save the most valuable resource - time

You get a tailored made solution fast by using our AI components

You get access to our team of experts and don’t have to build your own AI-ML division in-house

You work with people who have vast experience in AI and love what they do

Our Portfolio

Technological Investments