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Our products are used to:

_reduce the uncertainty of Machine Learning models,

_prioritize enterprise data efforts,

_support experts in the ML loop,

_improve the quality of ML models, especially in multi-class settings with complex ontologies,

_reduce data footprint and compactify ML models so as to be used by the Internet of Things applications,

_improve gaming experience via more challenging and realistic AI in games,

_create intelligent advisory systems from pre-compiled building blocks.


At QED Software, first and foremost, we are a team of people passionate about technology and its applications. Mathematicians, Data Scientists, Engineers and business people work together to deliver the best technological solutions for our clients - AI pioneers.
Together we transform artificial intelligence research into innovative products with multiple applications across a vast variety of industries (like entertainment, retail or cybersecurity, just to name a few).

Since the beginning in 1999 we have developed into a crew of more than 50 people working from many unexpected locations and we are still growing.

If you want to be a part of the QED Software team visit our Career page.

Dominik Ślęzak

President & Founder

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Jacek Puczniewski

Managing Partner

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Piotr Biczyk

Chief Strategy Officer

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Sylwia Krawczyńska

Chief Operating Officer

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Alina Powała

Chief Product Officer

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Tomasz Tajmajer

Chief Technology Officer

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Andrzej Janusz

Chief Data Scientist

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Maciej Świechowski

VP of Research

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Rafał Kowalski

Head of Development

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Sebastian Stawicki

Head of ML Operations

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Natalia Leśniak

Head of Communications

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Jacek Kamiński

Head of Project Delivery

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Daniel Kałuża

Chief Architect

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Andżelika Zalewska

Head of R&D XAI

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Rafał Tyl

Head of R&D AI Agent Systems

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Mateusz Pabiś

Head of R&D BigData

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