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Our products are used to:

_reduce the uncertainty of Machine Learning models,

_prioritize enterprise data efforts,

_support experts in the ML loop,

_improve the quality of ML models, especially in multi-class settings with complex ontologies,

_reduce data footprint and compactify ML models so as to be used by the Internet of Things applications,

_improve gaming experience via more challenging and realistic AI in games,

_create intelligent advisory systems from pre-compiled building blocks.

QED Software

IEEE BigData 2021 Cup: Predicting Victories in Video Games Competition

Imagine the game in which all players are very good, very close to winning, and time is nearly out. In a few seconds we will know the winner. Let’s make a stop here and try to predict who will get the gold medal. What if you always knew who would win? How could you use this knowledge? 

Now you can join our challenge and solve this problem! Analyze logs from Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift video game. Compete with other analysts, mathematics and data scientists and maybe passionate about data gamers and win your prize! This challenge is organized by QED Software in association with the IEEE BigData 2021 International Conference.

Visit KnowledgePit platform, challenge yourself, compete with others scientists and share your results. If you don’t know our platform yet, check out our blog post about it here. As of 2021 we have more than 2 000 participants registered from all over the world.

Now, for the third time, we are partnering with IEEE International Conference on Big Data and bringing you a competition all about predicting victories in video games.
The task is to predict winners in Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift, based on game logs. More about the competition ->

The competition is now open and you have until 30th of September to submit your solutions.
The best of them could grant you a chance to win up to 1 000 USD and publish a conference paper. 

If you want to participate, don’t hesitate to join the competition here.

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