The case: company aims to digitalize the out-of-home advertising industry, by providing real-time insights on the audience.

The challenge: The advertising industry was facing a challenge in gathering accurate and valuable insights about people near an area of interest. The existing methods for collecting data about audience behavior, basing on single data sources, were limited and often inaccurate.

The solution: Arahub was created to address this challenge. QED Software integrated computer vision systems with smartphone tracking to deliver valuable data for interactive applications, such as advertisements. By using multiple sources of data, including vision systems, indoor positioning, and mobile apps, we were able to provide accurate and comprehensive data about the people present near an area of interest. As a result, a market-platform was born.

Key Features:

  • Provides statistical data about people present near an area of interest
  • Fuses data from multiple sources, including vision systems, indoor positioning, and mobile apps
  • Offers commercially valuable insights about audience behavior
  • Distributed sensor network for on-site data collection
  • Centralized data aggregation for comprehensive analysis


The Technology: Arahub consists of two main components – a distributed sensor network and a centralized data aggregation part. The sensor network, known as the Arabox, integrates a vision system, WiFi monitoring, and GPU-enabled computing. The centralized data aggregation part includes multiple services running in the cloud environment.

Conclusions: Arahub has revolutionized the advertising industry by providing accurate and valuable insights about audience behavior. This solution has helped advertisers make informed decisions about their campaigns and target the right audience effectively. The data integration and analysis component, created by QED Software, allowed it to become a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their advertising efforts.

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