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Our products are used to:

_reduce the uncertainty of Machine Learning models,

_prioritize enterprise data efforts,

_support experts in the ML loop,

_improve the quality of ML models, especially in multi-class settings with complex ontologies,

_reduce data footprint and compactify ML models so as to be used by the Internet of Things applications,

_improve gaming experience via more challenging and realistic AI in games,

_create intelligent advisory systems from pre-compiled building blocks.

Natalia Leśniak Head of Communications

Natalia is a well-organized people manager and can easily build an event and a brand from scratch; technology or art - for her they're like two peas in a pod.

Natalia holds a Master’s degree in political sciences from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań where she also completed her HR Management postgraduate studies. She continues learning through various different training and courses.

Natalia's career began with advertising and sales, where through years she cooperated with an international e-commerce company, she then moved to event management and marketing. She joined QED Software in 2020 to lead the newly created communications team and is responsible for both internal and external communications, employer branding, social media and branding.

Privately Natalia fulfills her family, she is a vegan enthusiast and barefoot runner.

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